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SX011880 Crossed roller slewing ring bearings

    SX series crossed roller slewing bearing (outer ring division with inner rotating, thin section),the SX series has thin section than RB. Due to thin structure, there is no mounting holes on the outer and inner ring, it needs presser flange or housing. HONBbearing07

SX011880 crossed roller bearings from www.hyzcbearing.com


    SX type Crossed roller slewing bearings application:

The SX Series Thin Section Crossed Roller Bearings High precision rotary tables, robot joints, rotating units, sophisticated medical equipments, and measurement instruments.

    SX Series crossed roller slewing bearings


SX011814 SX011818 SX011814 SX011818 SX011820 SX011824 SX011828 SX011832 SX011836 SX011840 SX011848 SX011860 SX011868 SX011880 SX0118/500

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